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-====== ​Invisible Battlefields ​====== +====== ​Other service ​====== 
-Invisible Battlefields is work-in-progress,​ collaborative,​ positioning-sensitive mobile game in which players battle against each other for the glory of their clan. +Service ​description
- +
-The battles occurs always in a pre-determined regions in specific time-frames. If the player physically crosses the region, he is eligible to participate in the next battle on this region, receiving a notification of such in his mobile device. He has until the time of the battle to confirm his participation and choose which other clan he will attack. This information goes to the server for the Game Service ​to calculate the battle results for each player on the closing time of the Battle. After that, these results are stored so that the player can request them whenever they want. +
- +
-A player has three attributes, Strength, Agility and Intelligence,​ in which the highest one (randomly choosed when the character is created) will be used in the battle outcome calculation. The battle itself works like a weighted rock-paper-scissor,​ in which the weight is the value of the attributes. In term of attributes, Strength beats Agility, Agility beats Intelligence,​ Intelligence beats Strength. The attribute in advantage receives a 2x multiplicand. +
- +
-ex. +
-Player 1 and 2 are battling. Player 1 attacks with 5 STR and Player 2 attacks with 8 AGI. STR beats AGI, so Player 1 has 2x5 = 10 of attack power and player 2 has 8 of attack power. Player 1 wins this battle.+
 ===== Service Architecture ===== ===== Service Architecture =====
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 ==== Contact ==== ==== Contact ====
 +eg. alumni involved in the development
-  * André Mac Dowelladowell@inf.puc-rio.br +  * Student 1student@inf.puc-rio.br 
-  * Ivan Xavier Araújo de Limailima@inf.puc-rio.br +  * Student 2student2@inf.puc-rio.br
-  * Rogério Carvalho Schneider: rschneider@inf.puc-rio.br+
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